Mark Douglas Stanley - fine art photography


Light and shadow, color and form, texture and space, all serve to convey the interplay of the known and unknown. Whether near or far, the camera allows the framing of a moment that also can be timeless, leaving a gap to allow the viewer to complete the image with emotion and memory.





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Artist’s statement

MFA - University of Minnesota,

           Fine Arts, Sculpture, and Speech/Communications


Adjunct Faculty: University of Minnesota, College of Design, Department of Design Housing and Apparel. Designed and delivered various courses on interactive design, digital video production and web design.

Media Arts: Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Developing video programs on arts and artists, and pioneering the use of computer-based interactive kiosks placed in galleries. 1984-1993

Performance: Film/Dance Touring program. Stage performances through the USA and Europe in Small Circles, Great Plains, a film/dance collaboration by Sage Cowles and Molly Davies.

Video Arts: PSA producer and instructor at the University Community Video center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.